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Welcome to Cuddy Roofing


Established in 1991 as a Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Cuddy Roofing is one of the largest, premiere union roofing companies in the area. We specialize in difficult, high-end, commercial and sheet metal sustainable building envelope applications as well as full-service repair & maintenance, waterproofing and moisture protection services. Cuddy Roofing has topped some of the largest and most prestigious buildings in downtown Pittsburgh, changing the city's skyline and helping to transform it into one of the nation's most captivating places to live and do business...




You Wanted To Know: What's On Top Of The U.S. Steel Tower?



Take a tour of the most famous roof in Pittsburgh. Which was installed by Cuddy Roofing.



David L. Lawrence Convention Center, South Terrace Green Roof, Pittsburgh, PA





Sustainable Mission Statement

Cuddy Roofing Company recognizes the growing need to change the way we conduct our business, manage our personal environments and those of the customers we serve to help conserve our natural resources. As a responsible roofing contractor, we have partnered with roof manufacturers that offer sustainable building products to help protect our environment now and for future generations to come.

Message from the President


Chaz McNulty

“At Cuddy, every project is handled with utmost care from start to finish ensuring our customers of superior craftsmanship, superb technical skills and sound project management.”

Chaz McNulty